mercoledì 23 settembre 2015


This track from the rebels open your head, as usual.


mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

Porn Sword Tobacco

I go crazy lately for Swedish productions, for their free move in a authorial poetic territory, this is artistic freedom.


I Know What You Want


How We Be

Finally the definition dub fits perfectly.


Let It Happen

Oggi nessuno lascia tracce del proprio passaggio, nella musica è tutto un rapido consumarsi di attimi.
Oggi la musica deve accontentare i gusti di tutti, Tame Impala remixati dai Soulwax ci riescono in pieno. Accontentiamoci di questi piacevoli attimi finchè durano.

Today no one is leaving traces of own passage, the music is all a rapid consumption of moments.
Today the music has to satisfy the tastes of all, Tame Impala remixed by Soulwax they succeed in full. We can be satisfied with these pleasant moments while they last.

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